The Best Location to See White-rumped Woodpecker!

Some authors have split one of the sub-species of Buff-rumped Woodpecker that living on Java into full species. It is White-rumped Woodpecker (Meiglyptes tristis). Basically, at a glance, the two species are relatively the same in size, body shape, call, habits, habitat etc. Based on the morphological difference in which White-rumped Woodpecker has dominantly black abdominal feathers, stony-white barring and spotting on all areas of plumage, white rump, dense black-and-white barring continuing around eyes and male have a slightly brighter red moustachial stripe than Buff-rumped Woodpecker males. According to HBW and birdlife, this bird's threat status is endangered. It is estimated

Birding and Primate Tours in Tanjung Puting NP, Central Borneo

The Kalimantan or Borneo is the third largest island in the world. On this island there are various kinds of diverse habitats, such as lowland rain forests and the famous is the peat swamp forest. Here is located the longest river in Indonesia the Kapuas river, which reaches 1,143 Km. For biodiversity, Kalimantan is important for the life of one of the great apes in the world, the Bornean Orangutan, which is increasingly threatened by survival because one of them is the destruction of its natural habitat. As long as I live, only once have I set foot on the island. Precisely in 2010 with friends on university visiting the province of South Kalimantan in the Karst Meratus area. The main purpos

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