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Waskito Kukuh Wibowo

Birds, landscape, human interest are on his hand.

Founder of Birdpacker

Imam Taufiqurrahman

He's one of the most skilled birder in Indonesia. Since he finished his Biology study, he's one of the most productive writer for journals. And he knows very well how to roast coffee.

Taxonomist, Indonesian Bird Atlas President

Heru Cahyono

He has an eagle eyes. One of the best young birdwatcher we have. With his field biology experiences he knows how train Javan Pitta on catwalk. Best partner for bird photographers.

Raptor and Pitta specialist

Heru Fitriadi

This funny and talk active guy grew up in the village neighborhood directly adjacent to Baluran National Park, Heru heru had worked in the park and avid to go birding. He is knowledgeable about all birding hot spot and best season to go birding there.

Birder's Baluran

Hery Kusumanegara

He has worked tirelessly on the conservation of Bali Myna, a critically endangered species.and empowering locals community around the park. Interested in birds since an early age, his patience, passion and keen eye are already well-known , has become an accomplished guide to the birds of Indonesia. Good with logistics and hearty laugh Hery is very likable

Senior ranger in Bali Barat National Park

Saleh Amin

Lombok is a great place to visit. The beaches are amazing! If you love Pittas, he's the best guide to find it. More you can photograph it.

The ruler of Lombok island

Abdul "Gizan" Azis

With his command White-rumped Kingfisher, Elegant Pitta, Flores Hawk-eagle and other will be obedient and come before you. Perfect mate to go birding in Bima, Sumbawa island!

Bima's Kamerad

Kristiadi Nugroho

Since lived in Makassar, quickly he knowing well birding spot around the city and documented very well. Black-ringed White-eye, Lompobatang Flycatcher Sulawesi Myzomela, Black-headed kingfisher and other endemic he can handle for you.

Best Birding Buddy in Makassar

Hari Yono

Lived around Way Kambas National Park and works as Local Guide, Hari a best partner to take you witnessed Sumatra's Lowland Birds also Nocturnals.

Sumatra Lowland Birds Specialist

Esli Kakauhe

Esli was experienced and knowing well to accompany you to see Sulawesi Endemic at Tangkoko Nature Reserve and around. He also can arrange for bird photography tour.

Sulawesi Bird and Wildlife Photography Tour

Andi Saputra Gunawan

Born and grown up in Kerinci valley and as a young man diligently hike while watching birds. Do you want to see Schneider's Pitta? Go with him for your buddy.

Mount Kerinci are his playground

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