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Infographic of Burungnesia during 2017

Android OS based app Burungnesia was already 1.5 years old at the end of 2017. Burungnesia was designed as a digital field observation tool. It collects records from bird watchers throughout Indonesia.

At least it holds more than 23,000+ records with 2,300+ observation locations. Interestingly, already 850 more species recorded, at least that number already represents half of existing bird species in Indonesia. This is a shared dream since 2013 ago from Indonesian birdwatchers, answering how scattered observation data can be collected into one.

A colossal dream of the amateurs for birds, now, tomorrow and forever. A mega-voluntary projects that funded by pure love beyond anything. An endless amateur works. The highest appreciation for all Indonesian birdwatchers !!!

Download high-res here