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2 Days Birding Tours in Jogja

Managed to arrange two days birding tours for Sarah Hammarlund from United States of America during her trips in Yogyakarta (or simply Jogja). This birding tours was running by our local partner birdtour operator, named Loontour Jogja and lead by Imam Taufiqqurrahman. Indonesia especially Jogja is new for our clients, so almost birds she was seen become her lifers. The fruitful trips was listed 50 birds species!

At gate Telogo Nirmolo, Gunung Merapi National Park, Jogja

At the first day February 26th 2018, we visited Gunung Merapi National Park. While waiting the gate open, scanning birds around Plunyon, Kaliurang until 8.00 am. Then move to Plawangan hill via Telogo Nirmolo. At 12.00 am managed to see 22 birds species. Next, drive for 45 minutes to Jogja city at Melia Purosani hotel in search of Java Sparrow.

Scanning around pines tree at west part of the hotel, quickly pairs of the birds catch by our scopes as close the day.

The trip continued on March 2nd 2018, in first stop was Jatimulyo village as part of Menoreh Mountains (an hour drive west of Jogja city). Searching lowland birds around this agroforest ecosystem. At noon we drive for an hour to Trisik beach and Kali Progo estuary for shorebirds. Visited three habitats such as paddy field, beach and estuary.

Fun! 30 birds on second day. She was very exited with things beyond, such as the village situation, knowing the plantations that become a popular products: coffee, chocolate, sugar palm. Even requested to see the 'shy princess' plant :D

Imam and Sarah scanning shorebirds at Kali Progo estuary, Jogja

Finished the trip at afternoon with some highlights:

- 2 individuals of White-flanked Sunbird at Telogo Nirmolo, Gunung Merapi NP as her favorite

- Javan Whistling Thrush at Telogo Nirmolo, Gunung Merapi NP

- Small flock of Javan Fulvetta at Telogo Nirmolo, Gunung Merapi NP

- 5 individuals of Pink-headed Fruitdove at Telogo Nirmolo, Gunung Merapi NP

- 5 individuals of Java Sparrow at Melia Purosani hotel

- Ruby-throated Bulbul at Jatimulyo village

- Streaky-breasted (Javan) Spiderhunter at Jatimulyo village

- 4 individuals of Cerulean Kingfisher at Kali Progo