4 Days Birding Tours in Bali and East Java

May 22, 2018

We were so happy after successful trip with clients from US. During April 4 – 7th 2018 between their honeymoon in Indonesia, together we were birding in Bali and East Java. The tours were fantastic with a total of 118 species, also main target Bali Myna and Javan-hawk Eagle success to recorded. 90% of the birds we found were new for Casey and Versha.

The tours started in Bali where we visited main birding locations such as around Bedugul Botanical Gardens and Bali Barat National Park. Then following the day we visited such as great forest around mount Ijen and savanna like grassland in Baluran NP and Alas Purwo NP. Casey and Versha amazed with the habitat in each birding locations and they enjoyed the pace of the tours.

Here the itinerary of the tours:

Day 1 - April 4th 2018
Meet up at hotel in around Benoa, Bali at 5.00 am then drive to Bedugul Botanic Garden in search of montane birds. Arrived here at 7.00 am, then we birding until 11.00 am. Lunch at small restaurant nears the locations, 00.30 pm continue birding in around lake Beratan and Buyan. Suddenly the rain fall so we decided to change birding area in Bali Barat NP for the main target, Bali Myna/Starling.

We were so lucky, when we arrived the rain was stop and the wild (no rings on its legs) Bali Myna perched on rooftop near the parking area. We spent just 30 minutes then looking other birds in other part of Bali Barat NP while we drive to the port of Gilimanuk.

Before the dawn we take ferry and crossed Bali strait. Then drive to the Grand Harvest Resort near the mount Ijen. We were overnight here before birding in mount Ijen the next day.

Day 2 – April 5th 2018

Check out from the hotel then drive for 30 minutes to forest around mount Ijen. When we arrived, quickly looking for the most targeted birds in Ijen, Grey-breasted Partridge. Sadly, we just heard only after hang up for half hours. Continue looking other montane birds. Lunch in Paltuding (entrance ticket to hike mount Ijen), where plenty small restaurant available. After that at 00.30 pm drive down while stop by in search of endemics and other.

At 02.00 pm we finished birding in mount Ijen, then we drive to the small marshes near Baluran NP. Our target is Asian Golden Weaver, successful added to our list. After dinner we stayed in Watu Dodol for next two nights.


Day 3 – April 6th 2018

After breakfast we went to Baluran NP, while driving-in the park stops by in evergreen area. Then we continue looking for other lowland birds in mangrove area until 11.00 am. Lunch at small canteen near the Bama beach, after that Versha want to enjoy the sea while we were rest for a while. At afternoon, drive-out then stop in Bekol savannah-like grassland for enjoyed the sunset.


Day 4 – April 7th 2018
We have a long driving on the last day. In the morning at 6.30 am we were arrive in Alas Purwo NP at south-eastern part of the island. First location was Sadengan grassland, we enjoyed our morning coffee while Banteng grazing in front of us. We were birding in Alas Purwo until 9.00 am the drive out to restaurant at Banyuwangi before we take ferries to crossed Bali strait again.

111 species is 'lifer' or new for Casey, all kingfisher on this trip become Versha's favorites also the  Long-tailed Macaque and Javn-leaf Monkey / Javan Langur. Here the highlight birds and the systematic list:

Highlights of the trip:

1. Bali Myna (Starling) Leucopsar rothschildi

Found in Teluk Trima, Bali Barat NP. 1 wild bird and about 10 individuals with ring on its legs.

2. Javan Hawk-eagle Nisaetus bartelsi

Single adult bird was soaring in forest around mount Ijen.

3. Grey-and-Buff (Red-crested) Woodpecker Hemicircus concretus

Pairs with immature male were foraging in forest around mount Ijen.

4. Javan Kingfisher Halcyon cyanoventris

Single individuals perched on cable when we drive down from mount Ijen and one other in small marshes near Baluran NP

5. Great Slaty Woodpecker Mulleripicus pulverulentus

5 individuals was seen at the morning near Sadengan grassland, Alas Purwo NP.