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Menoreh Mountains, Birding in Javanese Traditional Village

Birding in this nice and beautiful scenery of Javanese traditional village, Menoreh mountains provide you a chance to see many lowland birds. The hilly landscape (300–800 meters asl) covered with an agroforest ecosystem proof to be a good habitat for birds. If you're in Borobudur, then facing to the south you'll see the shape Menoreh mountains like a figure who sleep in the mountains. Local residents believe that the figure is Gunadharma, architect of Borobudur.

Sunrise and Landscape of Menoreh mountains

Menoreh Mountains located in the north-west end of Kulon Progo district Yogyakarta province (borders with Central Java province), part ridge line east of the zone "oblong domes / ridges". Birding site in the village Jatimulyo, just about an hour drive west of Jogja city (32 km). Also an hour drive south of famous Borobudur (36 km).