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Raden Soeryo, Forest Birding Malang

Raden Soerjo Greater Park Forestry is one of the remaining natural montane-forest in Java. Located in west-slope of mount Arjuno-Welirang-Anjasmoro (3,339 m asl), has a total area of 27868.30 hectares and has a special place for birding.

This area is a mountainous plateau that stretches from the North-South. A bumpy topography of the region and mountainous with an altitude of 1000-3339 m asl. Slope level reaches 30-90% with annual rainfall ranging between 2500-4500 mm. Temperatures at night ranged from 5 ° -10 ° C. Whereas in the dry season can reach 4 ° C. The humidity is quite high, ranging from 42-45% (lowest) to 90-97% (the highest).

The best place to see Javan Hawk-eagle in Java is Raden Soeryo, Malang

In administration of this place is situated in Mojokerto, Malang, Jombang, Pasuruan regency and