Trip Report & Testimonial of Birding in Malang

July 24, 2017

A total of 5 species of birds in Raden Soerjo Greater Park Forestry successfully photographed by our guest named Muhid on 22 July 2017 in just about 1.5 hours. In one day we had to change location 3 times. The first is the apple plantation area in Batu. There we entered into birdhide starting at 05.30 am to photograph Javan Kingfisher Halcyon cyanoventris.


Our birdhide lies parallel to the tree with a distance of 8 meters, very enough for the 500mm lens to get full frame images. It did not take long time for a Javan Kingfisher Halcyon cyanoventris  to land at the top of an apple tree in front of us. Quickly our guests photographed the bird and got a picture of Javan Kingfisher's front body. About 5 minutes later, the bird flies from the apple tree.


The morning weather conditions were less friendly, because the sun was covered by fog. So the birds especially Javan Kingfisher which mean became our target, lazy to perch and sunbathe. Until 07.30 am the target has not been seen again, we finally have to move to Raden Soerjo Greater Park Forestry. Arrive at the location at 08.00 am.


 We went straight to Sunda Warbler's Seicercus grammiceps nest in the feeding phase. We take a distance of about 8 meters, so as not to disturb the adult to feed the chicks who has not been out of the nest. A pair of adult birds are seen alternating in and out of the nest and catching insects near the nest to give to the chicks who are waiting for the food.

It did not take a long time to get photo of this bird. When a adult bird carrying food to be brought to the nest, it will surely near the nest long enough while looking around. That moment is a good to take pictures. Suddenly the flocks of Sunda Minivet Pericrocotus miniatus and Blue Nuthatch Sitta azurea perched on a tree near the entrance of the location. We guide guests to the place. Easily these two species can be recorded by our guests.


After the flock was gone, we proceeded to the parking lot. Immediately we met two young Indigo Flycatcher