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Easy encountered of Grey-breasted Partridge (Arborophila orientalis) in this site!

Almost all endemic birds in Java island can be found in western part of this island. Birders will stay longer to swipe up them in Gede Pangrango NP, Halimun Salak NP, around Carita and north-coast of Jakarta-West Java.

Even though, still left 2 species to catch up in eastern of Java to complete all endemics. There are Grey-backed Myna Acridotheres tricolor and Grey-breasted Partridge Arborophila orientalis.

Close up of the endemic Grey-breasted Partridge

The myna is relatively easy to find. You can put effort in Baluran or Alas Purwo NP to find it.

The partridge is another exceptions.

You can heard it sounds loudly, but very difficult to see. So damn elusive species.

This species lives from Yang to Ijen mountains. Mostly birders came to Ijen where close to other main birding area so many data of this species even heard-only or sight.

Yesterday (March 13, 2019) i visited Mt. Ijen to take some picture of the partridge.

Local guides at there successful made feeding site for this species that also known as White-faced / Grey-breasted Hill / Horsfield's Hill-partridge.

As his information, the birds show up about 3 times such as at around 06.00-07.00, 13.00-14.00, and 15.00-16.00.

Heavy rain fall at the morning until 11.30 then become shower rain.

We were enter the site at 12.00.

While waiting the rain stop, we enjoyed our coffee.

At 13.30 rain stop a while, we tried to play the sound records.

15 minutes later, a medium sized-bulky bird (about 28 cm) climb up to big fallen tree in front of us.

Then followed up by 5 other birds, it was very clear view and just about 8 meter away from us blocked by camouflage tent.