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Infographics: Progress Burungnesia in 2016

The results of a smartphone application in the Indonesia bird conservation during this year. 2016 was the year in which the term of "amateur" is no longer connoted as "second quality".

Burungnesia logo

The wealth of high biodiversity Indonesia that spread from Sabang to Merauke, only with the intervention of the amateur researchers, the future of science and conservation of the biodiversity of Indonesia started to become clearer. Starting from amateur birdwatchers through Burungnesia application, we start a new era run a race against extinction rates of birds in nature. And with the sincere cooperation between the public and the Indonesia Birds Atlas (Atlas Burung Indonesia), we dare to gaze upward and shouted loudly,"This is my country, this biological riches of my nation, sovereignty was intact belongs to the people of Indonesia!" Sovereign is standing on its own feet, sweated itself because God does not change a people until they themselves started it.

Shows 1050 locations, 731 birds species, 9240 checklist, >80000 numbers of birds, 385 grid area for Indonesia Bird Atlas, 368 description of species, 660 users and 660 HD photos of birds.

Happy new year 2017!!! Have you scattered on the face of earth? Do not forget Burungnesia already installed on your phone! #citizenScience #burungnesia #atlasBurungIndonesia #birdpacker #kedaulatanOrnitologiIndonesia