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The Best Site to See Survived Population of Javan White-eye in Java.

On July 21st 2018 we had client from US looking for the main target the Javan White-eye (Zosterops flavus) that found only in west & south of Borneo, coastal north of Java and Madura.

Due the massive hunting and poaching of all kind white-eye's species, the population in the wild is crazy decline. Sounds like critically endangered.

The main target of the trip, Javan White-eye

Khaleb Yordan told us that last time he saw this endemic white-eye in western of Java was 2 years ago. Yesterday was a reunion for him, also lifer for Mr. Russell Graham.

We saw more than 6 individuals in save area since the people around here is educate well for conservation of wildlife.

We were start birding that day after leaving Juanda international airport, Surabaya, East Java. The location is not too far away, it takes about 30 minutes from the airport. On 6.30 am we were on location, called Wonorejo. This is huge fish-pond and mangrove area.

On the first stop, before the parking area we tried looking Sunda Coucal. Usually, it's perch on tree or bushes top for sun-bathing. Sadly, the birds was not shown also we did not hear the sounds.

At least a male Freckle-breasted Woodpecker present by perched on dried branch. We don't want missed it.

Following the Javan White-eye movement.

Then we walk slowly, a clearly calls of Cerulean Kingfisher attracting us. For sure, single bird perched in front of us, divided by the river. The kingfisher was perched on bush near the water surface. Then it's fly, respond to the other kingfisher's calls.

We move to the parking area and prepare our stuff to get inside. But, we have to take a time in around Muntingia calabura tree.

3 individuals of Scarlet-headed Flowerpeckers