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2 Days Mt. Ijen Birding Tour for Grey-breasted Partridge

One of the endemic birds in East Java is well-known Grey-breasted or White-faced Partridge (Arborophila orientalis). It can be found from Yang highlands eastwards to Ijen mountains. We have a client from England for two days birding in mount Ijen with only target is Grey-breasted Partridge.

On the March 2019, we have already observed this endemic on the same area.

Grey-brested Partridge, the mega for East Java

We met the client at 05.00 am 26th August 2019 on his accommodation around Banyuwangi, then we drive to the location. At around 5.45 am, arrived in the location then we stayed in the partridge feeding station who build by local guide.

We spent whole day at there, unfortunately shower rain fall started at mid-dat until dusk. Even the partridge did not shown, several birds come to the station such as:

1. Red Junglefowl

2. Javan Banded Pitta

3. Temminck’s Babbler

4. Lesser Shortwing

5. Javan Whistling Thrush

6. Indigo Flycatcher

7. Snowy-browed Flycatcher

8. White-flanked Sunbird

9. White-bellied Fantail

10. Crescent-chested Babbler

11. Sunda Cuckooshrike and above us there is a fruiting tree that attrach:

12. Wreathed Horbill

13. Dark-backed Imperial-pigeon

14. Grey-cheeked Green-pigeon and,

15. Pink-headed Fruit-dove.

So, after drop off the clients on his accommodation we agreed to go on the next day. Started at the same time as yesterday but arrived earlier at 5.30 am.

Javan Banaded Pitta and Indigo Warbling Flycatcher also present in the station