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We're Birdpacker enthusiastic Indonesian birdwatcher. Explore best bird watching locations to see and photograph the endemic and beautiful birds. Organized and customized birding tours to suit your needs throughout the country.






Menoreh Hills
Baluran National Park
Matalawa National Park
Ngungap Cliff
Let's Get Some Birds

Indonesia has many endemic and extremely remarkable birds. Over the archipelago, there are tens of thousands where the special birds are located. Various habitats ranging from mangrove forests to sub-alpine provide a very high diversity of birds. Site selection is the key to your success in finding the best birds. Try some big islands, Java-Bali, Sumatra, Lombok, Sumba, Sulawesi. We have it all.



Sulawesi pitta
Greater Sumba Boobook
Black-headed Kingfisher (Actenoides capucinus)
Sulawesi myzomela
Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher
Male Javan Flameback
Glittering Kingfisher
Javan Hawk-eagle
Javan Banded Pitta
Javan Kingfisher
Javan Frogmouth
Little Sumba Boobook
Elegant Pitta



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One of good memories for me is Malang. Your team do perfectly and we enjoy a lot!

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Mapping the birds

Indonesia Bird Atlas (ABI) is voluntary based bird mapping. It's the biggest leap by amateur birdwatcher in Indonesia to take real conservation and science action.

Nest Guarding

Exploring for nesting behavior poor known birds. Guard them. And involve public awareness against on of the most extinction cause. 

Collect data using smartphone

Using "Burungnesia" application, users from around country collect field records. They gatthering a valuable data to support bird conservation and ornithological effort. 



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